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Anne Preston 200RYT 

Anne started her yoga journey when she was 16 as an outlet to help find peace with her mental health and turmoil of anxiety. At the time, she was working for a small gym in Decatur, IL, where she grew up, and found two different styles of yoga within the gym she worked for. Anne was introduced to a Power Flow and a Strengthening Flow at her local gym, both granting her access to a calmer state of mind. After the first week of class, Anne knew she wanted to spread this peace of mind to everyone she could and found teaching yoga to be the best avenue.


Anne was first introduced to Steamboat Springs when she interned for Honey Stinger during college where she also discovered Out Here Yoga. After graduating, she moved to Steamboat Springs to work for Honey Stinger full time and later for the City of Steamboat Springs as a Youth Recreation Coordinator. Anne received her 200 HR Teacher Empowerment Training with Out Here Yoga’s Owner Laura Rust, during the summer of 2022.


Since August of 2022, Anne has taught a slow flow vinyasa class for Old Town Hot Springs, the Hayden Center and most recently for the Yoga Center of Steamboat. Anne’s vision as a teacher is to connect with her students on a personal level, create a space of welcomeness, and to bring light to the values of yoga philosophy.

Connect with Anne on Instagram @ignitinglifeyoga 

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