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Chelsea McGuire 

Chelsea is a Reiki Master Teacher and is certified to teach Trauma Informed Yoga Nidrā. Chelsea found the world of energy healing and Reiki over five years ago when she was feeling lost, disconnected, unhealthy and lacking purpose. It helped her connect, heal, and find direction - that's why she's passionate about sharing and teaching Reiki through sessions, workshops and trainings, and she's thrilled to be teaching Yoga Nidrā in the Steamboat community. She completed her Trauma Informed Yoga Nidrā this year with Jacqueline Toomey, founder of AXS Wellness and First Responder Sleep Recovery.

Chelsea believes that joy, abundance, and self love are possible for everyone that seeks it, and true REST (in mind and body) is vital to health and well-being. Yoga Nidrā and Reiki are two practices that help embody mind, body and soul healing, which is the drive behind her energy healing practice, The Whole Self.

She's a multi-passionate enterpreneur and dancer, practices yoga and meditation daily as an at home practice, loves to hike, loves to cook and eat great food, and she's a dog lover and dog sitter.

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