Beth Blaskovich

Beth is a Neurosculpting® franchise owner and certified facilitator. She is available for private or group sessions. Topics may include the Foundations of Neurosculpting®, dealing effectively with change, enhancing health and immunity, developing a new relationship with money and abundance, stress relief, and learning new habits.  When working privately, Beth will develop a unique Neurosculpting® meditation based on the specific desires and/or needs of the client. 

Beth is a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator through the Neurosculpting® Institute. She is drawn to Neurosculpting® because of its basic premise that our past does not need to be our future. We can literally rewire our brains to be less reactive and more intentional. 

Beth began tapping into her own intuitive and healing abilities through immersion classes at the Inner Insight Institute and feels a daily meditation practice is integral to move past stress and fear and tap into the mind-body connection.

Beth is an active musician and coach and currently owns a 40 student piano and voice studio in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she regularly integrates brain based learning and meditation techniques into her practice and teaching. 

Beth has been an entrepreneur and business owner for 12 years and has navigated the ups and downs of self employment. She is also a non-profit guru with over a decade of experience starting and leading the growth and development of both health and arts focused organizations.

Beth enjoys an active mountain lifestyle that includes skiing, paddleboarding and mountain biking. She is passionate about international travel and the transformative experiences that come from experiencing new cultures and landscapes.