Samantha Land  200 RYT

Samantha earned 200-hour Vinyasa certification in hatha yoga at the Yoga Center of Steamboat. Her classes are designed to welcome adults of all levels. She hopes to offer you knowledge that will transform your yoga practice on and off your mat, that you can carry with you to help you shift into living a more peaceful, balanced and pain-free life.

Samantha discovered her love for yoga in 2008 at her corporate job, when a co-worker (yoga teacher) offered lunch-time classes in a conference room. This is where the realization happened that even in the middle of a hectic lifestyle, she could easily find balance & perspective. With a simple breath in and breath out, she quickly found tranquility. She realized what a treasure this was and better yet she could take it with her ANYWHERE. Samantha has experienced the many healing benefits from yoga, which has helped her overcome pain she has experienced from injuries/surgeries to just plain living life.

Her Dosha is Pitta-Vata, and she has lived in the Colorado since a young age and loves her roots in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  When she is not practicing yoga, Samantha enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, paddle-boarding, photography, meditation, cooking, scuba diving, traveling, and camping with her husband and their two energetic dogs.

Samantha can be reached at or 303-807-6522.