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Danielle Aimone 200 RYT

Danielle’s yoga and healing journey began around 7 years ago. She was initially curious about meditation as a way to ease her anxiety and navigate life transitions. Eventually while a graduate student for social work she found herself in a yoga studio. Having experienced the mental health benefits of physical activity like running in the past, the combination of movement, breath, and stillness was transformative for her. Yoga and its community became an integral part of her life. 


Danielle completed her 200hr teacher certification in an immersive program in Panamana with a focus on therapeutic yoga. As a mental health and addictions counselor, Danielle has taught trauma-informed yoga classes and believes in the mind-body-spirit healing process. She will be completing an upcoming training in Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga and continuing to seek out opportunities to grow as a student and teacher. Danielle’s goal of teaching is to ensure a safe, light-hearted, and supportive environment.  


Off the mat, Danielle enjoys exploring outdoors with her dog Leela,  reading, listening to music, and drinking tea with loved ones. 

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